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Our Story...


Lifted with Love Inc . was inspired by our founder's grandmother, Audrey Levine, better known to the Port Arthur community as "MOMO". Audrey Levine dedicated her life to giving back as a faithful servant to the community for over 30 years. Audrey Levine was a light in everyone's world and will forever be missed.

Through This Organization We Honor Her!

Our purpose is to Address, Educate, Coordinate, and Provide Aid and Relief 

in order to bridge the wealth gap between lower income or impoverished and wealthy communities

on a local and global level regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion.

Our programs incorporate sending out ambassadors to raise social consciousness about :

  • Our homelessness initiative

  • Educational outreach

  • Mental health awareness

Our goal is to not only bring aid and assistance to those whose suffer from poverty globally, but to find a way to decrease the number of people living below the line of poverty -

Through Faith, Education and Providing Access to Resources.

Help us Uplift, Encourage and Restore our Community!

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