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Lifted with Love Inc. was established to help bridge the wealth gap between lower/middle class and wealthy communities. We plan to do that by assisting and aiding individuals who are in college, may live in low-income and impoverished communities who may not be financially stable, do not make enough to support their families comfortably, or who may live below the line of poverty.

Lifted with Love Inc. is here to assist individuals and families who may need:

  • Living Necessities (Food, Clothing, Toiletries, etc.)

  • Help with Reducing Debt (Students)

  • Help with Purchasing Prescriptions

  • Help with Paying Bills (Rent, Utilities, Phone, Car Notes, Medical, etc.)

  • Help with Finding Jobs (Job Training, Resume Building, Mock Interviews, ​

      Professional Attire)​

  • And More!


Eligibility requirements :

  1. Display financial need.

  2. Supply a current living and mailing address.

  3. Supply a current and working phone number.

  4. Proof of employment (if currently working). 

  5. Provide a copy of the bill(s) they are requesting assistance with.

  6. If the individual is homeless, or not working at the time, disregard the requirements listed above that do not apply -must have a reliable way to be found or contacted instead.

If you are in need of assistance please fill out the form below and submit it to Lifted with Love Inc.'s Dropbox located on the contact page and you will contacted with further information.


Apply - College Students
Apply - Others
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